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Kali Nuevo – The new me.

Kali arose during a Canadian stay abroad in connection with my studies as a building designer. A nickname that leaned towards my real name, but easier to pronounce.

I use the nickname now, as it reminds me of the trip and its importance to my life and my development. A stay abroad is not always easy, you travel from safe surroundings to a country where everything is foreign and new. The decision requires courage. Courage I have now taken with me in life. Courage which has carried me through to this.
A new adventure.
Nuevo , which means new and originates from the Mediterranean region like myself, with the warmth and southern glow.

I have taken the best from my time as a building designer - the ability to create, see possibilities and the beauty - and cut out the rest. I threw myself into this project.

With a mission to make unique designs available to everyone who doesn't want to settle . So you have the feeling that your piece of art is yours and not found in every home.

With an eye for aesthetics and my attachment for Aarhus, where I have been growing up since childhood, I want to bring a timeless design into your home .