Kali Nuevo, Aarhus based artist with a limited edition collection of the city Aarhus

A universe where only one man and his ideas rule -

I'm the man behind it. One man. From idea to your home.

With the camera in my hand, I explore the city and its soul. I create the design when inspiration strikes, and the works are refined again and again.
In my workshop, which is also my free space, the details are worked out and the final touches are put on the work.

At Kali nuevo we print on museum quality paper, so you can enjoy exclusive art prints


Paper is more than just paper. All works are printed on specially produced paper with museum quality.

The choice has gone with the right paper for my works, after a long process to find exactly this paper.

The soft and matte surface helps to recreate the vivid colors in each and every print, and was the key element in choosing this elegant paper.

You can expect museum quality paper hanging in your home.

22k gold for a elegant finish on exclusive print


As a final touch to the look, I finish with a layer of gold.

I use 22 karat gold.

The addition of silver and copper, in 22 karat, gives it a lighter shade than the otherwise familiar reddish glow from 24 carat gold. - A choice that harmonizes more with the design so you can enjoy your elegant walls.

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